Synvisc® Injections (Viscosupplementation)

Synvisc® injections (elastoviscous fluid containing hyaluronic acid) also known as viscosupplementation - are done commonly for Osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. Injections are done weekly for a total of three injections (Synvisc One® is a one-time injection), and repeated every six months to a year. This restores and rejuvenates the joint fluid and nourishes the damaged joint cartilage. These injections will help to delay joint replacement by several years and can be performed in patients with mild to moderate disease. For advanced osteoarthritis of the joint, this option is not recommended.

The Joint Clinic-TM uses ultrasound guidance to inject this product into the hip. The product may be injected into the knee using surface anatomical features recognizable by our experienced physician injectors.

Most treatments are covered by OHIP. Our physicians may recommend ultrasound guidance to increase precision of the injection for injection of deeper structures. This is not an OHIP-insurable service.

Most third-party insurance plans cover the cost of the Synvisc® in which case, a prescription is provided for you prior to injection.

For more information on Synvisc®, please click here.

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